About Brian

Brian is an award winning artist in the East Bay Area of California. He works on a verity of photography including sports, family sessions, weddings, corporate events, concerts and landscape. He brings a creative attitude and a think-outside-the-box skill set to the table, always in search of how to change up the photography world. Having the ability to jump from one kind of shoot to another keeps Brian on his toes and makes him focus on quality not quantity of work.


Brian is an Eagle Scout and loves the outdoors. He is focused on showing the natural beauty of our National Parks through photography images and in the future, video. His icon and one of his heroes, Ansel Adams, lives on in spirit for creating masterpieces of art and Brian would like to someday be able to say he helped show the beauty of America the same way Ansel Adams did.


Brian is Also a part of Livermore’s Art Association.


All of Brian’s landscape and outdoor photos are for sale and can either be matted prints, framed matted prints or canvas prints in multiple different sizes.  Sizes range from 4x6in, 8x12in, 16x24in and 24x36in. Matting can be of any color you choose and we can take care of framing if you choose as well.


Photo sessions start out at $150 per hour. Corporate events, concerts or parties start with a minimum of 4 hours and then are hourly from there on out. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Weddings are contracted through A Perfect Impression, www.Baywed.com. They are VERY Professional and a breeze to work with.  


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